CW Chu College offers approximately 60 scholarships (typically of HK$10,000 each) per academic year to recognize merit and support exchange or outreach activities.

In the academic year 2018–19, it is expected that a total of 25 admission scholarships will be offered to the entering class. These scholarships will be awarded based on nominations by CUHK Faculties/ Departments/ Programmes, entrance examination results and/or good performance/ record in other areas such as sports, music, art, service, leadership.

In addition to the 25 scholarships offered to the entering class, other types of scholarships will be awarded to existing students.  There is also a special scholarship for creativity, with $50,000 to be awarded annually.

Bursaries will be provided on the basis of need, to help defray part of the extra cost of hostel accommodation and communal dining.  All CWC students with genuine financial needs are eligible to apply for a bursary.   

For details, please visit the page on Scholarships and Financial Aid.

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