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Welcome from the Warden


My warm greetings to all students of CW Chu College!

Full residence is one of the distinctive features of this College, and a quintessential part of your College life. Your four-year (or even more) hostel life will tighten your bonds with the other College members, expose you to diverse cultures, foster your personal growth and enhance your sense of belonging to the College.

As the Warden of the CW Chu College, I am devoted to developing and sustaining a safe and healthy hostel environment where all residents can learn, laugh and live to the fullest. Apart from keeping the hostel clean, hygienic and homey, my team of Resident Tutors and I, as well as the Residents' Association, organise social activities, such as floor gatherings and movie nights, in the hostel from time to time. You are encouraged to join these evening activities to snatch a little leisure from your busy studies and mingle with the other residents.

Staff members of the hostel team and I stand ready to assist you in whatever way we can to help you overcome any challenges during your accommodation at the College. Feel free to chat and share anything with me when you bump into me or you are welcome to schedule a meeting with me through the College Office.

Wendy LI

Warden of the College Hostel

CW Chu College