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Welcome from the Master

A warm welcome to all new students joining CW Chu College in 2017. I congratulate you on making a successful choice to enter this College. With the joint effort of students of your and the previous cohorts, the College’s character, which is already beginning to be known around and beyond campus, will be further cultivated and tradition ingrained.

You are now a member of this small and intimate community of around 300 students. I hope you will first get acquainted with the College’s Vision, and become an active and devoted member of the community. To live up to the Vision, we must espouse its four elements—Intimate, International, Intellectual and Involved, which distinguish the College. I encourage you to embrace diversity, to befriend people from different backgrounds, and in particular, to get the most from outreach activities and aim to reach high in setting your goals.

I look forward to knowing each of you in person, and wish you best of luck in your University study and College life.

Wai-Yee Chan
CW Chu College

 Prof CHAN Wai-Yee