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Welcome from the Dean of Students


It is a great honour as Dean of Students to be able to welcome each of you — new students joining the College for the first time, students returning from a rewarding summer break, and also incoming exchange students joining the College community for a year or a term.  I welcome you all also on behalf of my colleagues at CW Chu College, all of whom have been working very hard to ensure that the months and years you will be spending here with us will be fruitful and enjoyable. 


You have come to a place that affords a wealth of resources to support your intellectual and personal growth.  While university life can offer you an abundance of opportunities and possibilities, making appropriate choices can sometimes be a challenging task.  The teachers and staff of CWC are committed to helping you consolidate the essentials and developing your potential by showing you how you can take full advantage of the opportunities available here and offering useful advice as you ponder the various options available to you.  Our primary effort will be directed toward supporting you every step of the way.   


University education is all about transformation.  At CWC, we strive to cultivate a robust community of learning and relationships.  Those of you advancing to your second year of study will recall the excitement and challenges of making connections when you first arrived at the College. A year has passed and the experience has proven to be a rewarding one, as many of you have indicated to me.  For those who are just now embarking on this venture, I encourage you, in the interests of discovering more about yourself and the larger world of which you are a part, to interact and engage with people who may seem on the surface to be least like you. Experience suggests that some of these relationships may open the door to the most transcendent and transforming experiences of our lives.  


As the CWC community is expanding, we expect that you will all work together as contributing members to support an environment that is conducive to learning and growing together, coupled with a deep sense of appreciation for human diversity and mutual respect in all your relationships. We extend a special welcome to our mainland and international students who give tangible expression to our commitment to fostering a deeper sense and appreciation of the wider human community of which we all share as an integrated member. We look forward to learning much from you, and trust at the same time that you will find much here to illuminate and enhance your lives for all the years to come.       


As your Dean of Students, I am devoted to developing and sustaining an experiential environment that promises to be exciting, fulfilling and rewarding. As part of this effort, the links on this web page provide an excellent avenue for you to explore various possibilities and opportunities available to you. Staff members in the College Office and I stand ready to assist you in whatever way we can to help you realize your aspirations and potential as you pursue your educational journey here with us at CW Chu College. Please feel free to contact me by email, phone, or by dropping by my office whenever you feel I can be of assistance to you.  As members of the CW Chu College community, you will find that the months and years that lie ahead will be among the most memorable and rewarding of your lives; we are all with you on this journey.  


Thomas Au


Dean of Students


CW Chu College