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Speaker Series: 2013–14





 Tue 3 Sep

Prof Ambrose King

The Role of a College in a University*

 Thu 12 Sep

Provisional Student Union, CWC

Promotion of Student Union Election

 Thu12 Sep

Ms Connie Lam

Briefing Session on Student Development Portfolio

 Tue 17 Sep

Ms Yan Wing Hang

Recruitment Talk on Project Little Dream

 Wed 25 Sep

Student Honour Code Committee, CWC

Promotion of Honour Code

 Thu 10 Oct

CWC Service Team

Sharing on Summer Service Experience

 Wed 30 Oct

Ms Fung Wing Ming, Ms Mak Hoi Ying Stephenie, Ms Peng Hejiahui, Ms Tsang Wai Tak, Ms Yan Wing Hang

Sharing on Trip Experience (a) Medical Service in Watoto, Uganda (b) Study Trip to Yunus Centre in Bangladesh

 Tue 12 Nov

Mr Philip Liao

University and College Vision: Their Embodiment in the College Campus Design*







 Tue 7 Jan

Prof Kenneth Young

 A New Beginning & Working Together for a Pleasant Hostel Life

 Wed 12 Feb

Ms Liu Ling Ling and Ms Pongsarojanavit Peachayaporn

Sharing on Exchange Experience

 Wed 19 Feb

Ms Lin Jiayi

 Introduction on I CARE Leadership Programme

 Sat 22 Feb

Ms Leung Fung Yee  Julia

 Reflections on Global Financial Crisis#

 Thu 13 Mar

Prof Victor Li

 Pursuing Your Dreams*

 Wed 19 Mar

Members of Student Honour Code Committee

 Recruitment of Student Honour Code Committee

 Sat 22 Mar

Dr Yao Kin Hing Paul

 Reaching Socially Disadvantaged Youths in Beijing: a Service and Reasearch Project#

Tue 8 Apr

Mr Dick Lee

 Leadership Skills*

 *High Table Dinner

 #Scholars' Roundtable