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Career and Internship

College Internship Scheme 

The College started its Internship Scheme in 2014, and since then had identified internship opportunities for students in summer period (with a few cases of internships during term time), fulfilling its commitment to providing opportunities for students to get prepared for the workplace. In 2019, over 40 summer internship opportunities exclusive for CWC students were sourced from 15 companies/ organisations across various sectors. 

The College hopes that these internships should offer students a broadening experience and possibly also community engagement.

Summary of College Internship Scheme 2019 




Companies/ organisations that provide internship opportunities



Internship openings sourced for students



Students who applied for at least one internship opening (As each student was allowed to apply for up to 5 openings, the number in brackets is the total number of applications received)

22 (59)

Year 1 students: 3 (8)
Year 2 students: 10 (28)
Year 3 students: 7 (16)
Year 4 students: 2 (7)

Students referred to at least one internship opening (The number in brackets is the total number of internship openings the students were referred to.)

16 (44)

Year 1 students: 2 (6)
Year 2 students: 7 (20)
Year 3 students: 5 (12)
Year 4 students: 2 (6)

Students invited to at least one interview (The number in brackets is the total number of interviews the students were invited to.)

12 (29)

Year 1 students: 1 (4)
Year 2 students: 5 (11)
Year 3 students: 4 (8)
Year 4 students: 2 (6)

Students who received at least one offer of internship (The number in brackets is the total number of internship offers the students received.)

5 (7)

Year 1 students: 1 (3)
Year 2 students: 1 (1)
Year 3 students: 3 (3)

Workshops on Getting Ready for the Workplace

A series of workshops on Getting Ready for the Workplace have been organised, aiming to equip senior students with skills for success in job interviews and the world of work, as well as to prompt junior students to start thinking early about the workplace and to point them to available resources.  The details about the workshops are as follows:

Speakers Series—Learn from Professionals and a Fellow Student

The workshop aimed to encourage students, especially Year 1 students, to have early plans for the workplace and learn from the advice of professionals and a fellow student. Several speakers were invited to share on different topics about Getting Ready for the Workplace, such as 'Career Planning and Resources Available' and 'Getting It Right from Day One'.

After their participation, the students had a better sense of what gaps they need to fill, and learnt where and how to get resources available for career planning.

Workshop on CV Writing 

The workshop equipped students with the knowledge and skills to write an impressive CV. In a breakout session where they were divided into groups for discussion, students were guided on what to include in their CVs.

The workshop was well received by the students, who found the workshop useful and informative. It introduced to them some important concepts regarding CV writing like soft skills, transferable skills and portfolio creation.

Workshop on Interview Skills

The workshop aimed to support students in their preparation for real-world job interviews. The host shared interviewers' expectations in an individual interview, ways to impress, questions commonly asked, how to answer some tricky questions and do's and don'ts during an interview.

The students were grateful for the professional advice from the host on how to prepare for individual interviews, how to handle difficult or unexpected questions and how to fulfill interviewers' expectations.

Mock Interviews

The workshop allowed students to put to use knowledge gained from the previous workshops. The Mock Interviews were conducted by panels comprising senior management and professionals from different sectors. The College matched the interviewers with the interviewees' fields of interest and preferences, in order to provide the students with specific and realistic experience.

The students knew more about their strengths and weaknesses from the interviewers' comments, and they found the interviewers' professional advice very useful.

To the Workplace Programme

A brand new programme, To the Workplace, was launched in Term 2, 2018–19, aiming to prepare Year 3 and 4 students for succeeding in job interviews and the world of work with individual support from Mentor-counsellors recruited from outside campus. Each cycle it lasts for two terms across two academic years.

The programme starts in the second term of an academic year. Year 3 participants are expected to gain a realistic understanding of the employment situation in Hong Kong in their indicated areas of work interest. Based on their preferences, they are matched with Mentor-counsellors who are highly experienced professionals from relevant fields.

In the first term of the next academic year, the Year 3 participants, then in Year 4, can acquire skills helpful to securing jobs in their indicated areas of work interest. Talks and workshops on CV writing, interview skills and etiquette can be organised for the students; intensive small group interview skills drilling would be given to the students; and mock interviews may be conducted by Mentor-counsellors or relevant companies or organisations.

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