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Mr. SO Ying Leung Wilson

Mr. SO Ying Leung Wilson 蘇應亮

Mr Wilson So graduated from Chung Chi College in 1980, majoring in Geography. Unlike many of his classmates at that time, he did not choose education as his career but spent efforts in exploring the financial field instead. Despite many valuable experiences obtained, he decided to re-chart his career path after two years and joined the Hong Kong Government in 1982 to pursue his personal goal focusing on town planning. Both the on-the-job training and overseas study sponsored by his employer had broadened his planning perspectives and equipped him with the necessary professional qualifications. To put planning theories into practices, his subsequent work included the administration of district planning and development control, formulation of planning standards and guidelines, implementation of planning policies, management of consultancy studies and involvement in strategic and statutory planning. He had met with numerous challenges in his 30+ years of planning work, and found great satisfaction in it. He retired from the position of Assistant Director of Planning since fall 2013.

Mr So hopes that his experience would be of use for students who want to pursue urban planning as a career.