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Mr. SHEK Kang Chuen Arthur

Mr. SHEK Kang Chuen Arthur 石鏡泉

A founder of the Hong Kong Economic Times (HKET) and an Executive Director of HKET Holdings, Mr Shek now holds the positions of Associate Publisher and Head of Research Department of HKET. He superintends ET-Education, ET Press, a book publishing unit, and ET Business College.

Mr Shek is a popular guru in economic and investment analysis, and is frequently invited to speak in public seminars, radio programmes and forums. He gives an average of 30 speeches a year. He currently hosts a radio programme on investment for Radio Television Hong Kong every Saturday morning.

Mr Shek is also an accomplished columnist. His writings appear regularly in HKET, the Group’s free daily Sky Post, financial weekly iMoney and on the websites of ET Net. His columns are informative and yet full of humour. Written in easy-to-understand language and style and illustrated with real-life examples, his viewpoints and commentary are highly valued by investors and general readers alike. This facilitates the positioning of the Group’s related publications for general investors, instead of just for the trade. Financial Times also once named Mr Shek ‘the evangelist of financial education’.