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Mr. NG Yee Kong Ray

Mr. NG Yee Kong Ray 吳宇光
Ray NG obtained his BSc and MPhil from the Physics Department, CUHK.  Soon after graduation, he joined Gemstar Development Ltd. as its first full-time employee, and was one of the developers in VCRPlus project, a smart VCR controller.  The first model was launched in the USA, and was a success.  This was followed by dissemination to world-wide markets and licensing to others.  The company formed a HK R&D team, and Ray became its team leader for new product development; he later became General Manager of Gemster Technology Ltd.  Gemstar listed on NASDAQ, and Ray was able to retire to focus on self development.
Ray is pleased to share his experience with young people of working with a small company from its infancy to its maturity.  He regards himself as a happy guy, and sees life as full of choices.  He is a vipassana meditator.