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Mr. LAM Chung Cheong Benny

Mr. LAM Chung Cheong Benny 林仲昌
Benny LAM is a Chu Scholar and first attended Vincennes University with support from Mr CW Chu.  He obtained a BA from Lawrence University, Wisconsin and an MBA from HKU.
He has worked at A/S Hansen & Smedegaard, Denmark; Johnson Matthey HK Ltd.; West Pacific Ltd. (GM); Steelpartners HK Ltd. (Dirctor & GM); Prosper Success Ltd., Toronto (Director); American & Efird (HK) Ltd.  (Regional GM & Director); and at Durak Asia Ltd., Shanghai (CEO).
He is the Executive Director of the Dongguan City Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, and serves on the General Committee of the Federation of HK Industries (FHKI).  He was also the Chairman of Group 13 of FHKI.
Benny Lam has an interest in environmental issues, and is active in charity.  He likes to travel, ski and read.