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Communal Dining

Communal Dining is an integral and required part of students’ college life at CW Chu College. It aims to
  • enhance interaction among students and with teachers 
  • enable students to benefit from the wisdom and experience of speakers from various walks of life 

Communal Dining is included as one of the non-credit bearing parts of the College General Education Programme. Upon assignment to the College, students are automatically enrolled onto a meal plan, which includes communal dinners three times per week during term time.

Students are invited to note the following essential points about the College’s communal dining arrangements.

Time and place
Communal dinners are held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time (except public holidays and University holidays during the Chinese New Year). Dinners take place in the  Chong Kin Wo Hall of the College, 6:45 – 7:45 pm. High Table Dinners are held twice a term, at the same venue, 6:45 – 9:00 pm.

Dress code
Dress code for communal dinners is casual. For High Table Dinners, the dress code is smart casual (i.e., shirt and tie for gentlemen and corresponding dress code for ladies) with College gown. 

Dining fee
The dining fee (non-refundable) is HK$1,576 in Term 1 (36 communal dinners plus 2 High Table Dinners) to be settled in September 2019 and HK$1,740 in Term 2 (40 communal dinners plus 2 High Table Dinners) to be settled in January 2020.

Attendance requirement
Attending communal dinners and High Table Dinners is part of the wider educational experience that the College offers. Students, select the College because they appreciate the opportunity to interact with fellow students from different backgrounds and in different subjects, and with teachers and guests. Students need to meet the attendance requirement specified below in order to gain PP for the non-credit-bearing College General Education courses (GECW1000 / 2000/ 3000/ 4000).

For High Table Dinners, the attendance requirement is 60% for the whole year

For communal dinners, the attendance requirements are as follows
  • Students in Years 1 and 2: 60% (i.e., allowed absence of 40%)     
  • Students in Years 3 and 4: 50% (i.e., allowed absence of 50%)

Even for the allowed absence, there should be an application/ notification logged online at least one working day before.

Subject to approval (prior approval except for medical and health reasons), further exemptions for communal dinners (but not for High Table Dinners) are allowed for the following situations:
  • Conflicts with scheduled major courses for which there are no alternatives     
  • Participation in sports or other competitive activities representing the College, the University, or Hong Kong
  • Medical and health reasons

For systematic conflicts (e.g., every Tuesday evening), applications should be made early in the Term.