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Fully Residential

Fully residential

As a student of CW Chu College (whether local or non- local), you will be offered hostel residence for four years / eight academic terms during your normative study period (less than four years / eight academic terms if you are admitted with Advanced Standing or via Senior year admission channel), and will participate in communal dining. In return, you will be obliged to take up residence and take part in communal dining in order to be part of the College community of shared learning and growth. Please refer to the detailed arrangements and the hostel fees.

The tradition of full residence and communal dining goes back to the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge. You will make friends with students from different backgrounds and in different disciplines, and also with your teachers.

student bedroom 1 laundry Common Area

Detailed arrangements

  • Students (whether local or non-local) in programmes with a normative period of four years / eight academic terms will be offered residence during term time for all four years within the normative period, and are required to take up residence (exceptions may apply in cases involving participation in outbound exchange/ internship programmes, disciplinary or public health issues).
  • In the event of approved leave or suspension, the College may provide residence beyond the fourth year, provided that i) the normative period of the student concerned has also been extended by the University; ii) there are extra hostel places in the College hostel and iii) the relevant application is formally approved by the Student Affairs Committee in advance. The students concerned are required to submit a special application to the Committee for consideration.
  • Students in the MBChB programme will normally be provided with residence in the College for only four years (hostels will usually be provided in the Prince of Wales Hospital in the last two years of clinical studies).
  • For students in programmes with normative periods of more than four years, residence beyond the fourth year may be provided, but only if spare hostel places are available and the relevant application is formally approved by the Student Affairs Committee in advance.
  • For students beyond their normative periods, residence will not be provided.
  • Hostel places in the College during term time are allocated based on the guidelines approved by the Assembly of Fellows. For details, please refer to the document below:
    pdf icon
    Guidelines on the Allocation of Hostel Places

Hostel fee

The College hostel is a self-financing operation, thus the hostel fee will reflect the actual cost of running the hostel, including a contribution to a reserve for maintenance. The hostel fee per student for academic year 201920 is as follows:

Persons/ room

Hostel fee per student per term (HK$)

Number of rooms




Electricity Fee: A basic usage level (140 kWh per room*) is provided within the hostel fee. Usage above this level (especially for air-conditioning) will be separately charged to each room based on individual metering on a monthly basis.

Financial Assistance: All CWC students with genuine financial needs may apply for Bursary to offset part of the hostel fee. 

Communal dining

The College will organize communal dining and High Table dinners during term time. Guest speakers or fellow students will be invited to share their experiences on different topics during/ after dinners occasionally. There will be no College Assemblies.

 Detailed arrangements

    • Communal dining will be arranged three times a week on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time.
    • High Table dinners will be arranged four times a year.
    • Students must enrol in the College meal plan for communal dining. Please refer to the dining arrangements and dining fee for detailed information.
    • The requirement of communal dining will only apply to those in residence, but students who are not in residence (e.g., MBChB students after the fourth year or students on suspension of studies for internship) may participate in some communal dining on a voluntary basis.

      Dining fee

      The cost of dining will be based on what the caterer charges and the dining fees for the academic year 201920 will be as follows:

      Dining Fee Per Student

      Number of Meals Provided

      Term 1: $1,576

      •       36 Communal dinners
      •       2 High Table dinners

      Term 2: $1,740

      •       40 Communal dinners
      •       2 High Table dinners

      All CWC students with genuine financial needs may apply for Bursary to offset part of the cost of the College meal plan .

      Fully Residential 2019 01 Fully Residential 2019 02
       *4.65 kWh per room per day ~ 140 kWh per room x 12 months / 365 days