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Computer Room

Computer Room

Printing Service through WiFi

Printer Driver

32-bit 5575 (For Window XP)

64-bit 5575 (For Window 7)

Installation of Printer Driver
Before using the WiFi Print service, you may need to set up your own User ID and password first by following the below steps:
1. Please choose the printer "FX DocuCentre-IV C5575 PCL6"
2. Select "Printer Properties"
wifi print drive setup 1.2
 3. Click "Setup"
wifi print drive setup 2.1
4. Create your own "User ID" and "Secure Print Passcode" for retrieving the print job and then press "OK"
wifi print drive setup 3
5. You can collect your print jobs by keying your pre-set password and presenting your Octopus card on the payment stand in the Computer Room.
6. Remarks:
  1. Please DO NOT use any other print driver(s) downloaded from the Internet.
  2. The printer is defaulted to secure print. If you do not set up your "User ID" and "Secure Print Passcode", the function of WiFi Print cannot be activated.
  3. The "User ID" and "Secure Print Passcode" only need to be set up at the first time of printing. If you want to change your "User ID" and "Secure Print Passcode", you could follow the above steps and reset again.