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Attendance Requirement

College Dining is an integral and required part of students’ college life at CW Chu College. It aims to
  • enhance interaction among students and with teachers
  • enable students to benefit from the wisdom and experience of speakers from various walks of life

There are two types of College dinners, namely Communal Dining (CD) and High Table Dinners (HTD).

College Dining is included as one of the non-credit bearing parts of the College General Education Programme (through pre-assignment of the courses GECW 1000/ 2000/ 3000/ 4000).  There is a minimum attendance requirement in order to receive a passing grade of each of the courses. Upon assignment to the College, students are automatically enrolled onto a meal plan, which includes communal dinners three times per week during term time and HTD four times a year.
Students who are enjoying the hostel residence for the first four years must join the meal plan.  Normally, there is no reduction or refund of meal plan payment.
Attendance Rate Requirement
High Table Dinners (HTD): For all students who register the above GECW courses in a whole academic year, the minimum attendance rate is 60% of HTD offered in that academic year; for all students who register the courses only in one term, the minimum attendance rate is 50% of HTD offered in that term.
Communal Dining (CD):
  • For the courses GECW 1000/ 2000, the minimum attendance rate is 60% of CD offered in that term
  • For the courses GECW 3000/ 4000, the minimum attendance rate is 50% of CD offered in that term

Details of Attendance

Calculation: To attain the minimum rate, the actual attendance shall be greater or equal to the rate calculated from percentage.

Cancellation of Dinners: Some HTD or CD may be canceled due to special or unforeseen situations.  The attendance rates will be calculated according to the actual numbers of HTD or CD offered.  In case that many dinners have been canceled, the above minimum attendance rates may be suitably adjusted.

Attendance Registration: Each student shall register his/her attendance at designated place (usually near the main entrance of the Chong Kin Wo Hall) during the designated period (usually 6:45 – 7:15 pm).  The normal means of registration is by a machine reading the CUHK Student ID card.  Late comers may report to the College staff or Resident Tutor on duty.

  • The attendance rate is solely determined by the official record.
  • An attendance registration will not be counted if a student is reported to have left without joining the dinner or essentially did not participated in the dinner.
  • Students who need to leave earlier for special reason shall report to the College staff or Resident Tutor on duty.

Absence and Application for Exemption

Scenario 1: Within the Range of Allowed Absence (i.e., up to 40% of HTD, and 40% of CD in GECW 1000/ 2000 or 50% of CD in GECW 3000/ 4000)

Students shall use the Allowed Absence for social or family activities/ personal engagements or development/ enrichment/ responsibilities, non-essential or non-compulsory activities organized by student/ department/ university.  Moreover, such absence should spread out in a term or year to avoid a low attendance rate in case of sudden cancellation of College dinners.

To avoid wasting of food and unnecessary cost, students are expected to notify the College of their absence of any communal dinner  through the online form (link given below) at least one working day in advance before the corresponding dinner.  This is for record purpose and it is not necessary for students to provide a reason for such absence.  Students who usually observe this will be seen as a contribution to the College.

Absence Notification Form:

Scenario 2: Exemption of Attendance for a Valid Reason

A student may apply for exemption of attendance to some HTD or CD due to very exceptional situation (see examples below).  Such application must have strong reasons(s) and supported by valid proof(s).  Application email may be sent to College Office ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) with cc copy to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the consideration by the College Dean of Students.

  • Application for exemption of regular frequency or large number of absences should be submitted as early as possible, preferably before the first absence occurs.  For occasional absence, the latest day of application for each term is the last working day of the 11th teaching week of the term.
  • If the application is approved, the minimal attendance rate will be calculated based on the total number of dinners offered minus the number of exempted attendances.  For example, if 39 CDs are offered and 10 are exempted, then the minimum attendance will be 60% or 50% of 29, which is 18 or 15, according to the course GECW.
  • Some approval may be accompanied with conditions, such as, a requirement of participation in other College activities.
  • In principle, prepaid meal fee will not be refunded.  It is definitely not be refunded for occasional absence exemption.  For most of the cases, fellow student may reserve a dinner pack for an absent student.

Examples of valid reasons

  • Absolute time conflict with schedule required or essential major courses for which there are no alternatives.  Elective courses will not be considered.
  • Absolute time conflict with participation in sports or other essential activities, such as training and competition, representing CW Chu College, CUHK, Hong Kong, or provincial/ national level of the home country of the student.  General activities organized at all levels; activities representing department or student organization will not be considered.
  • Medical and health reasons supported by valid medical certificates with clear relevant diagnosis. Consultation proof is not accepted.