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College Advising

CW Chu College has put in an advisory system to help students navigate through their studies and life at the University.  The College advisory system complements the academic advising in faculties and departments, and will focus more on areas of personal growth other than subject-specific studies.  The objective is to ensure that every student will progress at the normal rate and graduate in time, unless there are intrinsic academic or health reasons beyond the ability of the College to deal with.
Advising arrangements
The key spirit of student advising in a small college is personal contact: the College hopes to get to know each student, and to find out their individual needs.  Thus the College Master and the Dean of Students will meet all first-year students (in groups) within the first few weeks of the term, in an informal/ social context, to develop a sense of familiarity and to encourage students to come forward when help is needed.
An Extended Orientation to be held during the first few weeks of Term 1 will deal with adjustments to university life: time management, stress management, attitudes to studying, avenues for help.
The College website also provides links to offices and resources from which help may be sought.
At a more formal level, every Year 1 student will be assigned a College Advisor.  Each of 12 teachers will take care of 6-7 students; they will meet at least once a term either on an individual or a group basis, e.g. during communal dining.  The matching of Advisors and Advisees is done based on their faculty affiliation and cultural backgrounds.
Where there are special needs or circumstances, the Dean of Students will assign a special Advisor to provide more individualized attention.  This Advisor may be selected to be in the same faculty/department as the student if the needs have an academic component; or to be from the same cultural background if the issues are non-academic and more personal; in certain cases, it may be necessary to match the gender.  Since circumstances will vary, the assignment will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Dean of Students.
Where there are specific needs, the College will work with other units such as the Student Counselling and Development Service (SCDS).
Questions may be directed to the Dean of Students.